How Tower Garden Works

Simply and easily is the short answer! Whether you're growing indoors or out, your Tower Garden comes with everything you need to get growing, with minimal Assembly and Setup.

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The Tower Garden System

Seeds, Seedlings, and Rockwool

Tower Garden plants start growing in a spongey material called rockwool. This soilless medium gives roots plenty of oxygen and moisture for fast, healthy growth. The Tower Garden kit comes with a variety of starter seeds with planting instructions that will set you up for growing success. Once your seeds have sprouted (germinated) and turned into cute little seedlings, you’ll place them in your Tower Garden to start watching them thrive and grow.

Reservoir and Nutrient Solution

The reservoir that acts as the base of your Tower Garden holds a mixture of Tower Garden Mineral Blend and water. The Mineral Blend is our proprietary plant food and provides Tower Garden plants with healthy nutrients and minerals for the best possible uptake and growth.

Pump, Timer, and Away We Grow!

How does it all work? Simply put, it rains inside! A pump in the reservoir pushes the nutrient solution to the top of your Tower Garden. From there, the solution rains down over the plant roots inside the Tower Garden. The automated timer restarts the process regularly, so your plants always get the ideal amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients, with minimal attention required.

Harvest Deliciousness

Within a few weeks, your plants are harvest-ready. Other than minor upkeep like checking water levels and keeping the pump filter clean, all you need to do is wait. And while your plants are growing, you can think about how you’ll use them or what you’ll plant next.

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